ML_Nail-Studio Vol.1
This set includes 66 beautiful Nails for your Dawn Dawn

This set includes 66 beautiful Nails for your Dawn.

All nails are for finger- and toenails.
Both Poser and DAZ Studio versions available.

This is not a Merchant Resource!

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ML_Emma is a beautiful Character Set for Dawn (avaible at HiveWire3D) Dawn

You need Dawn by HiveWire3D and Dawn Starter Morphs

You get in this package:
- 1 Emma INJ & REM


- 1 Base Mat
- 13 Lip colours + default Lips (all Lips come in matte and 2 different glossy-styles)
- 12 Eye colours
- 4 Lashes options (default, black, mascara and white)
- 8 Makeups
- 2 Fantasy Makeups
- 1 Makeup REM
- 1 Nails default (matte)
- 1 Nails french (glossy)

All Mats except the Eyelashes come with Poser Normal Shader and Poser SSS Shader.

DawnIrisSmooth by outoftouch
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ML_Kim is a beautiful Character for My Michelle by Tate (RDNA) My Michelle

You get in this package:
- Kim Head INJ & REM
- Kim Body INJ & REM
- EyeCircles-Fix INJ & REM
- Iris Big INJ
- Iris Default INJ

- Normal-Shader and SSS-Shader for each option
- 6 Eye Colours
- Sclera Default (white) and Sclera black
- 7 Lip-Colours (glossy) & Default Lips and Lips Natur Glossy
- 10 Makeup-Colours & 1 Fantasy Makeup
- 1 MU only Eyeliner
- 1 Makeup REM

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Content Paradise
This is a beautiful Add-on for my free-character ML_Monja (available at FantasieRealms). ML_Monja

You get in this package:
- 7 Eye-colours
- 6 Lip colour
- 9 Makeup colours
- 4 Fantasy Makeups
- 1 Second Skin Top INJ & REM
- 1 Second Skin Pants INJ & REM

Avaible at:
Fantasies Realm
ML_Mix for Sweetheart Dress
This is a beautiful texture-set for Sweetheart Dress for Michelle by EvilInnocence.
The dress you get on RDNA: Sweetheart-Dress-for-Michelle

You get in this package: 6 Mat-Poses pattern style for the complete dress
6 Mat-Poses solid style fot the complete dress
6 Mat-Poses "Mix and Match" for the complete dress

For Mix-and-Match you get all pattern and solid styles also as single Mat-Poses for following dress-parts:
-Top front
-Top back
As Bonus 2 additional Mat-Poses for Top-Front

Also you get 8 Mat-poses for Skirt-Trim.

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Content Paradise

ML_Jana is a beautiful Character Set for Antonia Polygon (Standard or WM) and Antonia Advanced Morphs.
You need:
Antonia Polygon Standard or Antonia Polygon WM
To use the Head-, Ear- and Bodymorphs you need also:
Antonia Advanced Morphs

This set includes:

2 Head INJ
2 Head REM
1 Body INJ
1 Body REM
1 Elf-Ears INJ
1 Elf-Ears REM
2 Eye Close Fix INJ
2 Eye Close Fix REM


1 MAT Complete (Base MAT)
1 MAT Face Freckles
11 Eye-MATs (includes 2 Fantasy Eye-MATs)
22 Lips-MATs (20 Lip colors + Default Lips and Glossy Default Lips)
20 Make-up-MATs without Freckles + Makeup-OFF
20 Make-up-MATs with Freckles + Makeup-OFF
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Content Paradise